oki hiiiiiiii!! I am PUMPED that I added this section to blog bc I have a lot of things I am big big fan of, but never share it with anyone because, well, where on the planet would I share it? One of these things is music... I LOVE music. I constantly have music playing at literally every moment. Living by myself can get pretty quiet, therefore I have a speaker system that BUMPS. No joke, my neighbors think I am having a party all the time, but really I'm just chillen, probably making pancakes or something. I enjoy searching for good music and looking through other people's playlists to find stuff I like. I listen to all different kinds of music, but really have a certain style within each genre that catches my ears. <--- is that even a thing? catching ears? idekkk. but here is my most recent playlist I have made for summer!! I get out of school in a few days and will be doing a little bit of traveling, working at a summer camp, and whatever else life brings my way this summer! Enjoy these summer songs YAYAYAYY!