welcome!! somehow, someway, you have managed to find your way into my small little rabbit hole on the internet. i want to congratulate you on stumbling across this. i hope you find this amusing as well as feeling like you are getting to know a piece of my heart. i have been doing freelance photography since high school and would be overjoyed to snap your photo!! i am a communications major and journalism minor at the university of arkansas. i am currently a freelance content creator for burton's ice cream and a weekly volunteer photographer at cross church. i love being creative, whether it be with photography, editing, graphics, drawing, painting, cooking... kind of whatever i can get my hands on and make. i love simplicity and minimalism. aside from the things i am passionate about, i ultimately live for and strive to be like Jesus. for as long as i am on the left side of eternity, i know that my heart beats for Christ. my goal is to orchestrate my thoughts on my blog and photos altogether to express pieces of who i am. enjoy :-)