The Undeserving Deserve

This morning I came across Job 5:11. It says, "he sets on high those who are lowly, and those who mourn are lifted to safety." WHAT A REFRESHING THING TO READ! The longer I intentionally walk with the Lord, the more I come to realize that he is so good, at any time, at all times. I think most people, including myself, tend to believe the lie that we are unworthy of God's love because of mistakes made and the amount of sin they have either committed or have ongoing in their life. It is pretty discouraging when you feel resentful and cannot feel God's presence. Straight up lemme tell ya my take on that... 1.) That is satan trying to trick us & 2.) The bible never EVER says that we are not worthy. 3.) He is there even when we can't feel it. It is difficult and seemingly impossible to understand how immense God's love is for us. It is easy to think that we deserve less-than because of the way that we were brought up, the way we look, money, or even comparison to the way other's lives play out. It is super easy to settle, sugar coat & justify what we know isn't okay, and believe that we deserve less than what our best is because it seems unrealistic or too far beyond our reach- I know that I have thought this and still struggle with these thoughts! The thought of someone endlessly forgiving you and giving you more than you deserve is a pretty unfathomable thought. I could run in circles talking about how good God is and how much he loves us and how crazy I think that all of it is. I feel like most of my posts are my reiterating the same things, but in all honesty, when talking about God and the Bible, it all leads back to God's love. I feel called to say that the only way to dive into a life with Jesus is to surrender and commit! Starting a relationship with Jesus and being intentional with it is not easy, but he never called us to live an easy or comfortable life. My most recent accomplishment I have made spiritually is realizing that God can make us new not just one time, but as many times as we need. Regardless of how many sins we have, how bad we mess up, or have off track we get in the way God has called us to live, he is still going to love us. (of course we shouldn't milk this and take advantage of it- but i think you pickup what I am putting down). This leads back to grace. His grace for us is crazy-big and he is never EVER going to drop us. In fact, when we seek and reach out to the Lord, he not only takes care of us and holds us gently, he blesses us in a way that we could not be blessed by anything else. Having a relationship with Jesus allows for believers to have God-sized dreams, not just human-sized dreams, which is pretty much the coolest thing i've ever heard. The thing that is most heavy on my heart and really the purpose of me writing this post is that regardless of who you are, where you are, and what you're doing, you ARE worthy! You are just as deserving as the most Godly person on this planet. God sees you the with the same loving and forgiving eyes that he sees one of his most faithful disciples. For the time we live on the left side of eternity, the best way to live is knowing we are loved & worthy in the midst of an unloving world. Strive for feeling and living loved this week! xoxo

Kailey J